Will Cinema Survive The Pandemic? series de television Experts Weigh In After Cineworld Closes

It may take people a long time to feel safe going to a movie theatre, as there is still risk of exposure to contracting the COVID-19. With state shutdowns largely over, many people are craving to go back to the movies to try and resume life with some sort of normalcy. However, there are some benefits and risks one takes going back to a movie theatre. Coronavirus spikes in key areas are currently thwarting Hollywood’s desire to get back to work. Many film-makers are considering moving shoots to Europe or elsewhere.

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He notes that no major outbreaks of COVID have been linked to cinemas and argues that theaters have gone to great lengths to take precautions, spending heavily to refurbish their ventilation systems, for instance. After the pandemic is over, viewers will likely return to theaters—but many may be happy watching new releases on demand from their homes instead. Studios and theaters face the challenge of adapting to changing consumer expectations. The Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival, a two-week festival in March, experienced low attendance during its first week and postponed its second week to August 2020. The 20th Beverly Hills Film Festival scheduled for April 1–15 is postponed indefinitely. The 38th Fajr International Film Festival, scheduled for April 16–24 in Tehran, has been postponed, with plans to organize the event in late spring.

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  • The 38th Fajr International Film Festival, scheduled for April 16–24 in Tehran, has been postponed, with plans to organize the event in late spring.
  • There is a sense of belonging in movie theaters and film festivals that streaming can never replace.
  • However nothing quite compares to the anticipation that builds before your cinema date, the warm smell of sweet popcorn in the foyer and saying you’ll ‘definitely see that new movie when it comes out’ while watching the slew of adverts.
  • “What I most miss about the theatrical experience is the expectation that we are all gathered to pay attention,” echoed New Englander Lynn.
  • Face masks and reduced capacity performances are cited as the safety measures that would be least likely to encourage people to return to theatres.

The Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards modified their eligibility criteria for their 2021 editions, as they usually require that a film be screened theatrically for a minimum length of time. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association mentioned that films released via non-theatrical means would be eligible if they were scheduled to have a “bona fide theatrical release” in Los Angeles after March 15 . The Best Foreign Language Film award would similarly offer eligibility for films originally scheduled for a theatrical release in their country of origin between March 15 and a date to be determined. The 93rd Academy Awards would also allow films released via password-protected or transactional video on demand to be eligible if they were originally scheduled to have a theatrical release. Once cinemas have sufficiently resumed operations, the requirement that a film be screened for at least a week would be reinstated. In addition to Los Angeles, eligible screenings would also be allowed to take place in one of five other major U.S. cities.

In various trade publications and media outlets, insurance brokers from Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc. have provided commentary on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cinema, and series de television specifically on film production insurance. COVID-19 made film production insurance more difficult to obtain for many productions. Many insurance companies added “communicable disease exclusions” to these policies, meaning that the film insurance would not cover losses caused by COVID-19. The only film insurance solutions offering COVID-19 coverage came with very high premiums; much higher than productions were used to paying (pre-COVID). In October 2021, Los Angeles announced that starting November 4 residents will be required to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination to enter movie theaters.

What Will The Movie Industry Look Like After Covid?

There will always be people who want to get out of the house , buy popcorn and experience the communal magic of the picture palace. Darren Paul Fisher does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. As used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte Consulting LLP, a subsidiary of Deloitte LLP. Please see /us/about for a detailed description of our legal structure.

Mask And Movies: How Cinema Viewing Changed In Post Covid Era

Warner Brothers started releasing its new movies on HBO Max the same day they go into theaters—a move that will extend through at least the end of 2021. Disney+ followed a similar model by releasing some new movies on streaming for an additional cost, and others included in the basic subscription price. Long-term closures put movie theaters large and small in financial distress and caused many to close. Alamo Draft House filed for bankruptcy, while the future of many other theater chains and locations hangs in the balance. AMC Theaters, with nearly 1,000 locations, was only able to avoid bankruptcy in 2021 because of a $917 million infusion of cash from investors. The new James Bond movie, No Time To Die, was originally scheduled to be released in April 2020 and is now set for October 2021.

Locarno 2022: What To Look Out For In The Industry Programme

India has been among the fastest-growing for over-the-top platforms as the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed adoption of digital significantly in the last one year. However, a new report by brokerage Elara Capital says that cinemas will continue to remain strong in India and other markets within the Asia-Pacific region, led by the need to socialize. Even as DVDs and then Blu-rays became commonplace, and streaming services arrived in the late aughts, the reasons for going to a movie theater remained about the same. There were blockbuster releases and goofy comedies and horror movies to see. And so, I’ve been skeptical of the speculation that people won’t go to theaters post-pandemic because we’ve gotten used to watching movies at home. It’s not like no one was streaming movies at home before Covid-19 began to spread.

The Growing Popularity Of Streaming Services

Given the complexity of the issue, Boxoffice Pro reached out to several specialists to get their insight. All told, the survey isn’t full of good news for cinema chains hoping to see a big resurgence in 2022. It appears the cost of tickets and concessions is still keeping people away, especially those with a strong focus on budgeting. So, we’ll have to see if cinema chains will adapt to these times, offering better discounts and cheaper prices to retain customers. In Jakarta, cinemas will be opened on Sept 10, with many health of protocol. This week, with the Trump administration threatening to ban TikTok, Internet users across China took a ride on a roller coaster of emotions with people from Bytedance.

When asked about their willingness to return to cinemas after the lockdown, and with adequate safety measures in place, 68% were affirmative while 22% were skeptical. Cinemas in San Francisco also reopened on Friday, leaving the Los Angeles area as the only major United States market where theaters remain closed. About 80 percent of the theaters in North America are now able to operate.

Larger studios tend to have the resources to fund and market their movies and can take bigger financial risks, but independent studios and filmmakers now have the added struggle of finding more funding. At least for the next few years, there will likely be fewer independent films. Customers love having access to new releases from the comfort of their homes. Disney+ released Cruella in theaters and for premier customers and made more than $20 million on each channel in the first weekend alone.

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