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For those who like their breakfasts warm and toasty, you might be out of luck here. Both eggs and toast were, at best, tepid, but the eggs were perfectly runny and the toast was tasty. Disinterested millennials behind the cash register aside, Kopifellas is a breath of fresh air at the mostly-older-vendors Beauty World Food Centre.

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  • You can find the usual Beef and Fish burgers, 2 types of pork burgers and a chicken burger that is infused with local flavour, Ayam Buah Kerluak.
  • Remember there are other ways to learn about food and wine, and meet fellow food and wine lovers.
  • Not sure if I can find a compelling reason to return, especially when there’s a pretty good boat noodle joint just downstairs.
  • But perhaps it’s also because of low expectations that I found myself pleasantly surprised by their professionalism and cooking.
  • It will never be dull or tasteless, disgusting, gross or nauseating.

No idea what went into the accompanying curry, but it was spicy, tangy, rich but not too oily – a real pleasure to spoon it into the rice. Raw onions with a kind of minty sauce gave the dish crunch and sweetness, but there was already a lot of texture and flavour in the biryani. I like my food spicy, so I was glad to see 3 options – laksa, tom yum and mala. Tom yum seemed like the safest option; I’m not really going for authentic here, just spicy and sour, which it kinda was.

Mutton Tikka Kabab Roll

The highlight is the incredible porky flavour, unmatched anywhere else I’ve tried. From Jjajangmyeon to Budae Jjigae (Halal option included!) to Korean fried chicken and Gamjatang—… I mean it’s just black bean sauce with ultra thick pro max Maggie mee noodles. La La Beehoon ($12), which is not on the menu, has a broth similar to the taste of sliced fish bee hoon. Remember there are other ways to learn about food and wine, and meet fellow food and wine lovers.

Murgh Boneless Special Biryani2pcs Boneless Mutton And 2 Egg

It’s thin and clear, but rich in beefy flavour, joe judy and lifted by the vegetal notes of coriander. The beef brisket was generously portioned and reliably tender, although not fall-off-the-bone soft like some prefer. The tendon, whilst just as tender, was relatively bland however. The highlight of the dish, unsurprisingly, turned out to be the beef balls.

The MRT wouldn’t increase his chances of heading there, he added, but he expects more will flock to the area because of it. “But when the MRT is up and running, this place should become more popular,” he said, adding that he is also planning to open five to 10 more stores in other parts of the island. Another person counting on the MRT to bring in more business is Zac Butchery’s manager Joseph Staehlin. A quick scan of the area shows three Korean BBQ restaurants, two serving Teochew porridge and others selling Thai, Western and Chinese cuisines such as zi char, frog porridge and bak kut teh.

Surprisingly, the batter managed to retain the moisture and tenderness of the meat even after deep frying, giving the piece a nice contrast to the crispy batter on the outside. The Korean Fried Chicken came in a crispy, golden-brown batter, that retained its crisp (even after some time of photo-taking). This is for those who enjoy having different chicken parts, as half or whole chicken is used. The KFC offerings include Original Fried Chicken, Yangnyum Spicy , Soy & Garlic, Cheese with Garlic Powder, and Boneless with home-made onion sauce.

From Zara, Singapore

I’ll admit, I’d prejudged Noodlefellas partly based on their branding , and partly on my experience with their sister stall Kopifellas, and rather expected to be underwhelmed. But perhaps it’s also because of low expectations that I found myself pleasantly surprised by their professionalism and cooking. It seems like each batch is made to order so it’ll take around 10 minutes or longer, depending on the crowd. They also make their own kimchi, including a ginseng one, but you’ll have to pre-order those. It’s definitely great to see there are still hearty, affordable western food stalls like this around.

Bus Stations Near Opposite Beauty World Centre In Singapore

It coats the bee hoon beautifully, giving each bite a rich, unctuous flavour. The cuttlefish, which is usually not my favourite, is surprisingly tender here, offering almost no resistance to the bite. All the familiar classics are here, including green curry and pad thai. Just note that the spice level here isn’t Bangkok-high, it’s quite approachable for most people .

Rich food is full, heavy, dripping, full-bodied, robust; a rich table is plentiful, abundant, loaded, ample, copious, stuffed. Rank means pungent but in the fetid, smelly, foul, stale, rancid, definitely bad way; offensive to the smell or taste and not fresh. Rancid food is bad, stale, rotten, completely off; the opposite of fresh food. Pickled would account for that briny flavor that food preserved in a pickling liquid gets.

The cafe has been incredibly crowded since it opened early this year and you’ll most likely need to wait a fair bit before getting a seat. They serve a variety of hearty meals, cakes, pastries, as well as various hot and iced coffees, teas and chocolate drinks. Can do the trick of giving you a boost, it’s perfectly fine to want a good shot of espresso that comes with its own characteristics and unique flavour profile. For all you coffee lovers out there, here are 10 relatively new cafes at Bukit Timah that seek to satisfy your addiction to caffeine. Plus, these are accessible via public transport so you don’t have to beg your folks for the car this weekend. Fried shallots, sharp green chilli, fragranced with cardamom, star anise and bay leaves.

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