Art Pro Mpa Ii Mic Pre Preamplifier Tube 2 Channel Vgc Tested #2 $458 88

The variable impedance control is infinitely variable allowing much finer control and the ability to tune the preamp to the microphone’s ideal sweet spot. A continuously variable 15 to 150Hz High Pass Filter at the input increases control of the microphone source. A further button mounted between the channels selects the M/S decoding matrix, so that an M/S mic pair fed through the unit will produce a standard stereo signal at the output. Next to the input gain control is the one that governs input impedance, which ranges from 150Ω to 2.4kΩ.

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  • One thing I agree with from another person’s review is that the cover bolts that are on the side do somewhat constrict mounting it in a rack but this is a minor, adjustable problem.
  • It’s solidly built, with – wonder of wonders – stepped controls for the major parameters for easy recall.
  • Any microphone preamplifier will have one microphone input and one line-level output.
  • Their Tube MP Studio V3 features V3 Technology , which provides optimized reference points to begin the recording process.
  • I own both because I had bought the MPA II brand new (and I was happy with the stock tubes….until I heard the NOS tubes) and then an opportunity to snag a Gold for a deal came up, so I grabbed it.

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We will contact you if the final shipping quote differs from the shipping estimate provided at checkout. This item will ship as quickly as possible but there may be a lead time. I have a slightly older Art MPA II digital unit and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the new MPA II has better front-end gain.

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This creates a wide range of new sonic possibilities with any modern or vintage condenser, ribbon or dynamic microphone. The MPA Pro 2 would be an ideal remedy for that particular disease. Sound wise this unit does something strange which I was not able to pinpoint. I`m tempted to say it swallowed some frequencies in the 1k region.

Art Digital Mpa Ii

I can talk to them about dynamic range til I run out of breath, but in the end, most people just want it LOUDER. The ART Pro VLA-II is built very solid, looks great, and sounds great. Is easy to use and has all the pertinent parameters and you would want for basic compression/leveling.

VLA II – best live vocal, electric and acoustic guitar comp i have ever used…by far. For recording, it gets beat out every time by my distressor, 1176, la3a, portico, dynamics toolbox, but it isn’t like it is blown out of the water. When recording drums i still use it along with all the other comps i have. It is absolutely an outstanding comp for the price. I find its nice on some vocals and really works great on the send return of a guitar amp with an overzealous player.

– I was hoping the tube stage would impart a bit more saturation and color. Instead its very subtle and has its uses, but I wanted more color personally and this wasn’t it. If you are upgrading from a $100 pedal compressor, yea, it’s a great. If you are used to studio quality equipment, you will probably be disappointed. It’s OK. It’s about what is expected in the $… After learning how to use the Pro-VLA II and a tube swap, I was impressed by the sound of the unit.

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