Any Thoughts On The Newsom Recall?

While polling consistently indicates Newsom’s strong position, “elections are ultimately determined by the voters who actually cast their ballots,” as the Public Policy Institute of California notes in a recent analysis. One factor will be how many voters will actually cast ballots, since California’s special elections are notorious for their low turnouts. I wouldn’t say he represents my personal politics, but he has been impressively competent at governing and good at using his bully pulpit.

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  • LOS ANGELES — California’s Sept. 14 recall election could remove first-term Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom from office.
  • As to the d machine and media allies, with certain exceptions, they are unified in rejecting the Recall.
  • Taken together, I think that Newsom is still favored.
  • Vaccine and mask opponents are a vocal minority, large enough to form the nucleus of the recall, but polls show most Californians favor an approach to the pandemic more like Newsom’s.

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Should Governor Newsom Be Recalled ?

Conservatives routinely fail to grasp evil and its pervasiveness. The evil people are running the election mechanics. If the electorate does not trust the voting process all bets are off for the governance by those installed in office.

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Manchin And The Democrats Are Making The Irs More Powerful Than Ever Heres How

When California recalled Gray Davis in 2003, he became the second state governor successfully recalled in U.S. history. It was really about the “wimp” vs. the “Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger, who swept into office promising to clean up state government. Now with the recall Newsom signature petition reaching the numbers needed, Newsom could be the third recalled governor in U.S. history.

The Recall Gascon office had to be evacuated due to a suspicious white substance being found in an envelope mailed to the office. All in-person voting locations will be open on Election Day, Sept. 14, from 7 a.m. Voters can look at or to find their in-person ….

Davis wasn’t just likely to lose the recall election, he was likely to lose it in a landslide. The final RealClearPolitics average had “Yes” leading 55.5 percent-42 percent. This national job approval must be read in the context of a state’s politics.

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